I was looking at the calendar a few days ago and realised that I had been certified to share this work with people for over 12 years now. A whole decade. And with the establishment of Chinese speaking association for The Work of Byron Katie, there are more online workshops and live workshops happening.

People ask me how I could do this for so many years. I tell them the reason how I could continue to do what I do is because I only share, I never teach. I really have nothing to teach. The Work is available and is free on Katie’s website. Everyone can learn to do it on her/his own.

If it is free and available, why do I have to attend a workshop? When you come to a workshop on The Work, you come to understand what is between the space of these 4 questions, you come to meet your own mind, you learn where to find the answers, you get to ask questions when you are stuck on turnarounds, you get answers for your “I-know” mind. And it is a lot of fun blowing up the I know mind. 😉 At first it seems almost impossible and you feel really resisted, but after a few times, you love seeing your mind blown opened. And you wonder how you have lived and settled in this limited “I know” mind.

Welcome to The Work. 😉

Wuhan, China Workshop August 17-21, 2018

What I enjoy most about what I do is having the privilege to witness the courage and the willingness of the dear old friends and new friends who dived into their unquestioned thoughts, beliefs, fears and see them start having the confidence in themselves of going into the unquestioned darkness on their own.

You are what motivates me to continue leading these workshops. You are truly my heroes. 😉

Why We Do What We Do

A dear dear friend is torn between his job and his family. According to him, he took up the job because his parents thought that was the best job for him and they wanted him to work there. On the other hand, he didn’t like the job at all.

Sometimes in life, we do certain things to gain love, approval and appreciation (LAA) from people whom we love. We were so attached to gaining the LAA from them that we never asked the one that matter the most —— our dear self.

We could go on like that for a while and one day we just couldn’t take it anymore. We want a way out. And we think we need a very good reason to justify our actions. We start to blame them for making us do what we don’t like, we feel angry that they never care about what we like. That’s usually how the story goes.

Like Katie says, “Until we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, the world would be our enemy”.

Free 2-Hr Introductory Workshop at BGF

People asked me why I am doing so much with the Chinese in China and not much in Malaysia. I told them that I am lazy, and I don’t see the need of The Work here since no one really asked for it. After a conversation with a dear friend who is a licensed counselor about the rising number of people who are depressed in the country, I thought I would do my part in sharing The Work.

I have given two free introductory workshop here in Buddhist Gem Fellowship at Ara Damansara this month of June, leading to a weekend workshop in a few months.

Gift of A Body

Starting to turn around from a diarrhea that lasted for 5 days. To me, there was a lot of gifts in this period of time. It was a time for me to slow down, to honor this kind and loving body that I am residing in.

I remembered how I used to disengage from this body with the strict rigid beliefs that the body is impermanent, that I shouldn’t pay attention to it, should evolve beyond the body. In that, I never really checked in with my body at all. I still remembered those days when I had menstruation cramps, I kept asking why I was in a woman’s body instead of a man’s.

It is really very painful to live from a place where we deny what is in front of us, believing that we should be having the opposite of what we have now. We totally cut off from the possibilities of the best experience from what is happening to us.
“Things happen for us, not to us”. Are you brave enough to let go of the victim role and step forward to look inside ourselves and explore how it could be true that what we are experiencing now is best for us?

Why is it best for me to have the diarrhea?
Why is it best for me to be in a woman’s body?

And the best part is, whatever answers I may find within myself and shared with you could only be a reference for you. The gift is you going in to find your own answers. Why is it good for me….

And with that mindset, we embark on a journey of life filled with gratitude and humility.

Mind Excellence, July 2017

Did a one-day corporate event with upper management of a foreign manufacturing company. A group of men and women of diversed race and culture, came together to explore and to understand the reasons of their stress and a way out of it.

They came to see how easy “The Work” is and how come they only get to know about it now. That thought came across my mind when I first found The Work 15 years ago. 🙂

And they found something that they can give their colleagues and subordinates and help them to have more clarity in their lives.

Working with Buddhist Youths II, June 2017

Was invited to run a half day event for the 40th. INCOVAR Dhamma Camp organized by Buddhist Gem Fellowship. It’s a yearly camp for the buddhist youths to come together and practise and learn the dhamma in a fun and creative way.

A big thank you to Bhante Kumara for giving me a chance to introduce and share “The Work” with the Buddhist youths. It’s a privilege to see their courage and willingness to be vulnerable, to be willing to explore the unchartered possibilities at other side of their mind.