About My Purpose in Life

 Had a really heartfelt experience these few days.  I got to tap into a few experiences in my past that held the keys to determining how I perceived and interacted with the world outside.  I got to see that it wasn’t what happened that was the problem, it was really the story that I told myself what happened that was the problem. And in the past, I continued to live out over and over again this past experience.  However, this time, it is different.  By undoing the past, I come to experience life through a new pair of eyes, not through the same old pair of tinted glasses.

As a certified facilitator, I worked with many people on their stressful thoughts and beliefs.  The greatest blessing for me in doing that is it has helped me to have higher/greater awareness of my own thoughts and beliefs.  Every now and then when I identified the dark space in the attic of my mind and shone light into those areas, it humbled me to see that we are all on the same ground – no one has higher wisdom than the other person except the equal privilege to find out what is true for ourselves.

I am truly grateful for this self-realization experience and I come to see that to start living out this realization in this world is my only purpose in life.