Fears around Judging Others

The first step in the process of doing The Work is to write a worksheet judging a particular person in our lives.
I remembered many years ago, I was invited to give a introductory talk to a group of Reiki Masters, a group of ladies that does hands-on healing. When I started talking about judging people, I saw absolute resistance, shocked, fear on their faces. “I don’t want to attract the dark, negative energy into my life”, “I don’t like to judge people”, “why do something so unproductive like judging?” these were the comments and feedback I got about writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet.

I could relate to all these beliefs and why they see such resistance to judging others. However, the work is about writing the judgement down on paper, one doesn’t have to confront the person he/she is judging. We do that to enlighten ourselves from the untrue stories that is keeping us separated from the other person.

The truth is, we judge ANYWAY, whether we like it or not, although we may not want to admit to that! 😉

“What if they know what we are thinking about them?”
This thought would bring out a lot of fears in people who are afraid they will lose something like love, approval, acceptance from others. Yes, it is very normal to have fears. Until we are willing to risk, to rather be authentic with ourselves and others, we will continue wearing the mask to get what we want from others without knowing that we could have that otherwise.