I was looking at the calendar a few days ago and realised that I had been certified to share this work with people for over 12 years now. A whole decade. And with the establishment of Chinese speaking association for The Work of Byron Katie, there are more online workshops and live workshops happening.

People ask me how I could do this for so many years. I tell them the reason how I could continue to do what I do is because I only share, I never teach. I really have nothing to teach. The Work is available and is free on Katie’s website. Everyone can learn to do it on her/his own.

If it is free and available, why do I have to attend a workshop? When you come to a workshop on The Work, you come to understand what is between the space of these 4 questions, you come to meet your own mind, you learn where to find the answers, you get to ask questions when you are stuck on turnarounds, you get answers for your “I-know” mind. And it is a lot of fun blowing up the I know mind. 😉 At first it seems almost impossible and you feel really resisted, but after a few times, you love seeing your mind blown opened. And you wonder how you have lived and settled in this limited “I know” mind.

Welcome to The Work. 😉