About Forgiveness

A dear friend asked the other day how she can understand Katie’s words of wisdom. To me, those words are for the heart, not the mind. When we let the I-Know-Mind try and understand those words, we become more confused.

For example, Katie always says, “forgivenness is seeing what you think happened actually did not.” Just looking at these words, I don’t see how one can understand what it really means. These words are the outcome of one who experiences an inquiry and seeing for itself that whatever it thought happened was actually a misunderstanding, it didn’t happen, except in our minds.

Let’s explore an inquiry here. “She criticized me”, my proof is she said “why are you not doing it” and she gave me the look. Isn’t this a common encounter for us as human. 🙂

Is it true when she said “why are you not doing it”, she is criticizing me?

Can I absolutely know it is true that when she said that, she is criticizing me?

How do I react when I think the thought she is criticizing me?

Answer: I am upset with her, I cut her off, I don’t listen to what she has to say after that, I ignore her.

Who would I be without this thought she is criticizing me? How would I react taking in her words within the thought she is criticizing me?

Answer: I would simply answer her simple question why I am not doing it.

So, by mentally going into the situation and answer the 4 simple questions, I get to experience for myself that when I believe the thought I was upset with her, and when I don’t have the thought, I simple answer her question without stress. So, in other words, I forgive her for something she didn’t do — that is to criticizing me.

I experience for myself that when I have the thought she criticizes me, I am angry with her, I take her words personally, I think she is criticizing me when she could be really wanting to know the reason why I don’t do it.

Could it be that it is just my own interpretation. Could it be that everything I see on the outside is an interpretation of my own beliefs and thoughts?

How would I live my life from this place? Isn’t life starts to get very exciting? Take a moment and contemplate that 🙂

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