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Sue Lee

Hi there!  My name is Sue Lee.

Currently, I am residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I am a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  The Work, also called self-inquiry, has been a big part of my life, in fact, it is the basis of what my life’s work is about.

Let me share a little bit of a history with you.  I am a Malaysian Chinese, grew up in Kuala Lumpur, left for United States for my degree at the age of 18, graduated, worked for a few years in the computer consulting industry, came back to Malaysia and continued working in the computer industry.  And in year 1997, I left to go back to the United States to explore the health and healing field, something that I always had lots of interest in.  From then on, I attended lots of workshops from many gurus, certified as a holistic health counselor, learned different kinds of healing modalities, in search of a tool that brings true freedom and joy in life.

The Work came into my life in year 2001 when I first read Katie’s book, Loving What Is. Immediately I felt in love with the book and found that the truth shared in the book resonated with me. Later, a frustrating incident with a dear friend kept me up at night and brought me to the first experience with The Work. At the end of the process, I was left with an open heart and saw her as a beautiful and understanding friend for the very first time.

However, what really anchored The Work into my life was when I went through a separation from a long term relationship and drowned in my very own judgments about myself and about ending the relationship. With everything that I have learned and knew at that time, I couldn’t find a way out of my misery – I was trying to fit the world’s teaching into my life and I went further into self blame.

The Work was the only thing that was “unconditional” enough to free me from my judgmental mind. I was no longer trying to fit a teaching into my life. With every stressful concept questioned, my mind became more open, I became freer, I started to live what is true for me and started to walk my own path. From a person that was rigid with lots of concepts of how things should be, I transformed into someone who starts to live life for the very first time. To me, true freedom and joy is an internal process and The Work is the simplest, direct, and yet potent way I have ever experienced that helps to undo what is in between joy and me.

I no longer wait for the world to change in order for me to be happy, I start to meet people and things at where they are at. Joy started to pour into my life and self-discovery become a way of life for me. I now live a much more aware life and The Work has become an important part of my life and who I am.

As a Certified Facilitator of The Work, I serve as a trainer in the certification program in the Institute of The Work (ITW).  I work with people all around the world, in person, or over the phone or skype. I do individual sessions, live workshops, tele-class’, coaching tele-class’, in both English and Mandarin. I specialise in intra and inter relationships (spouse, family, work), money, life and work related stress. I also offer The Work related corporate trainings for the employees and management team.

Regardless of where you are at in your life, whether you are stuck with some issues in life or simply would like greater freedom and clarity in your life, The Work would be a great value in your life. I love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together towards your inner journey to freedom and joy.



Sue Lee


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Gift of A Body

Starting to turn around from a diarrhea that lasted for 5 days. To me, there was a lot of gifts in this period of time. It was a time for me to slow down, to honor this kind and loving body that I am residing in.

I remembered how I used to disengage from this body with the strict rigid beliefs that the body is impermanent, that I shouldn’t pay attention to it, should evolve beyond the body. In that, I never really checked in with my body at all. I still remembered those days when I had menstruation cramps, I kept asking why I was in a woman’s body instead of a man’s.

It is really very painful to live from a place where we deny what is in front of us, believing that we should be having the opposite of what we have now. We totally cut off from the possibilities of the best experience from what is happening to us.
“Things happen for us, not to us”. Are you brave enough to let go of the victim role and step forward to look inside ourselves and explore how it could be true that what we are experiencing now is best for us?

Why is it best for me to have the diarrhea?
Why is it best for me to be in a woman’s body?

And the best part is, whatever answers I may find within myself and shared with you could only be a reference for you. The gift is you going in to find your own answers. Why is it good for me….

And with that mindset, we embark on a journey of life filled with gratitude and humility.

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