If God doesn’t give you what you want…

Saw this posting on Facebook from my cousin this morning.  Write “Amen” if you belief this!
Without hesitation, I gave it a big “AMEN” at the bottom.
Then, I hear my mind saying, “how is it that what I get in life has to do with what God is (willing) to give me?”  It’s interesting to see that my mind add “willing” into this sentence even though I can’t know if it has to do with God’s willingness. And “who am I to give an “Amen” when I am not a declared “Christian”?  Hmmm… this mind way too inquisitive, busy discovering itself.

So, where do I come to meet this statement?  God to a Christian, is almighty and it is above men.  And to me, the reality and how things are, things that are no beyond my control, that is my “God”.

So, when I don’t have something that I want, obviously it is not something I need, or there will be war inside of me.  I will be going into God’s business, arguing and negotiating with him about my good deeds and how it is unfair that It is treating me this way.  All these effort into getting God to give it to me is a big tantrum, a waste of energy and time.  And honestly, I have spent many years of my life throwing these big tantrums.

And when we have suffered enough arguing with God and reality, it may be time to start sitting with what we want for a moment and see how it is true that it is a good thing that we don’t get what we want.   Our eyes may start to open up to all the gifts that had, have and will come into our lives because we don’t have what we want.

And the openness to this gift comes only when we are ready to see it.  Everything has a timing of its own, doesn’t it?  If not, God must be crazy… 😉