Does Scolding & Judging work?

A dear friend told me she constantly judged herself as stupid and dumb when she found herself not performing at the level that she wanted herself to be at or when she found herself not knowing what to do.

Our mind tells us that if we scold ourselves enough, we would change for the better or smarter. And this concept has been carried down for generations without inquiring into the truth of it. Does it help if we scold ourselves?

When we inquire into the truth of our stupidity, we may come to see that we are forcing ourselves to be good in something that we have no interest in or something that we think we have to do and not something we want to do. We live in a confused state.

We can be very skillful in something and absolutely “stupid” in another field. But, if we hold the thought that we have to be good in everything or in a field that we hold as a goal for us, we fail to recognise our gifts in life, we deplete ourselves the energy and motivation to excel and be the best that we can be in areas that really interest us. Instead, we walked around trying to be everything for everyone.

Maybe instead of judging and scolding ourselves, we may start to pay attention and notice what we are good at and what we really don’t want to involved in. We may spare ourselves lots of time in finding and pursuing our passion in life.

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