Learning to be loved unconditionally or to love unconditionally?

I recently posted a poll for people in my facebook group to choose between wanting to be  loved unconditionally and wanting to love unconditionally.  What sparked me to do this is I have come across many courses and books out in the business world and what I noticed is that almost all the methodology implemented were on wanting to be perceived a certain way.  And that is also true for self-help books.  It’s also about learning what to do to get what we want from others.

And if I have to choose between learning to be loved unconditionally or to love unconditionally, my choice would be to learn to love unconditionally.  I find that that is the only sane choice for me.  With learning to be loved unconditionally, it sounded like there is something I can learn to do or act to make someone love me.  It sounded hopeless and too much work.  Everyone is different in their ways of showing their love.  If I have 10 friends, I would have to learn 10 different ways.  And I would have to wait for them to show me if what I am doing works.  Too much work!!!!  But if I can love unconditionally, I am already getting the joy that I want and if it is true that the outside is my projections, the more unconditionally that I can love someone and myself, I  would have to see that they are loving me unconditionally also.

And the best part is I can’t really know how that would look on the outside.  How exciting!

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