Here are the formats that I work with people:

One-to-one session

You may be interested in this format if you are going through a specific challenges or change in your life and need support in moving through.  Sessions are catered around helping you to investigate the thoughts that are getting in your way of moving forward, working with having greater clarity around the situation and also having more awareness in your life.

Live Workshops

I run workshops all around Malaysia, Singapore, China, US, in both English and Mandarin language.  Most of my public workshops run on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  This weekend workshop gives participants a solid understanding of The Work enabling them to use The Work effectively on their own and/or use it with others.  We also go into identifying underlying beliefs and learn to “undo” and “unlearn” limiting beliefs that don’t work for us now.  You will also experience some exercise extracted from the 9-day School and get a taste of what is covered in Katie’s 9-day School.

I also do some free public introductory events around Malaysia.

Tailored corporate staff training

From time to time, I get request to do training for staff in the workplace. The corporate trainings that I put out are based on The Work.  They are experiential and are generally light hearted and mind opening.  They are meant to help staffs to turn challenges into opportunities and to learn to think outside the box.  This training also increases their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), reduce stress and increase sensitivity to others, just to name a few benefits.   People don’t come to learn something, they come to “undo” their limiting beliefs and then do it for themselves.


I also run teleclass over the phone and internet in the format of a conference call and with the support of a forum.  Some of the classes are only for candidates in the Certification program through Institute of The Work (ITW), others are open to the public.

Group Coaching Teleclass

After attending live workshops and you would like deeper immersion into The Work, I offer group coaching teleclass in a small group format, coaching you into using The Work in different aspects of your life.

I welcome your inquiry in having greater freedom and clarity in your life and for your organization.

5 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hello

    I would like to learn about the Bryon Katie Workshop in Malaysia preferably in


  2. Hello Sue,

    I am from the US but live in southern Thailand. I am wondering about the best way to use your support and skills. Are you having a weekend workshop in the near future or should I try to arrange something more one-on-one with you?

    Thank you — looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Ailene,

      I am planning on a 3-day workshop in Hat Yai sometime in mid August of this year.
      Will let you know of the schedule once it is firm.
      Hope you can join us.



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