Consequences of believing everything you think

A dear friend wrote me an email.  Shared with me his latest discovery in using The Work in his life.  Told me that he realized that all these time, he had been doing The Work at a very shallow level, only at the top level, that he has never taken the questions inside of him.  And he asked why during all those time together either in the workshop or in teleclass setting that I never told him the right way of doing The Work.

I just love his mind.  I love receiving his emails sharing with me his progress in using The Work and his realizations.  They are such wonderful gifts.

His email has reminded me of a time when I thought I had “It”, I got it figured out, I “know”, and before long, I was in a box, anticipating another chance of confirming the belief that “I know”.  I was no longer free to explore, to be a student again.

So now, every time my mind tells me that “I know, I got it!!!” I smile, I enjoy the thought and am aware of where it will lead me and if I feel that I am “tinted” by this thought, meaning, I can feel that I believe this thought, I investigate it before it gets into a big tantrum having to live it out in the world.

Yes… that is the outcome of believing everything you think!!!