Taker or Giver?

A friend asked me the other day if a mutual friend is a giver or a taker.  I didn’t know how to answer that question, it wasn’t that I didn’t know her enough or something along that line.  The thing is, I know that I am a taker and that makes her a giver in our friendship.

I remembered many years ago when I attended a training where we had to look at every participant in the eyes and then shout out “taker” or “giver”.  When it was my turn, I was looking at each one of them and shouted, “giver”, “giver”, “giver”…”giver”.  The instructor was so mad as he thought I was playing a fool and he threatened to kick me out of the training.  “you mean this fellow, after what you see he is doing in this class, you actually think he is a giver??? You are not serious, I don’t want you in this class!  You are disrupting the class!!”  He didn’t leave me any space to say anything.

I realized after that incident that he wasn’t ready to hear what was going through my mind and I just left it as it was.

So, if you ask me now how was it possible that everyone is a giver to me.  My answer would be that I am very clear that I am always a TAKER.  I realized that everything I do is for my own happiness, I wanted something from others and in that I am a Taker.  And the reason I do everything is that I wanted to feel good about myself, I like me when I help you, And over the years, this Taker became more honest about her taking from others and more greedy as she is enjoying the joy and pleasure in taking honestly.

What a gift!