My Encounter with Katie

Received an email from a dear friend in China telling me that he is coming to understand how a praise from someone is just as stressful as a complaint.  And sometimes when he was stuck doing The Work, he would see me saying things to him in my strong Malaysian accent, that moved him through his stuckness.

What a delight to be that for someone.  It came to me that Katie had been like that for me all these years.  I remembered the first time I met her back in 2002 in a weekend workshop in Northern California, at the end of the workshop, I went up to her and told her, “Thank you for triggering and bringing out the Katie in me.”  And she just held me in her arms and said, “Oh, sweetheart, bring This Work back to your people.”  It just brought tears to my eyes when I recalled and had this image in my mind.

So many times when I was in pain holding on to “my wanting to be right”, I see Katie’s image speaking gently to me, “Is that really true, sweetheart?”  And it softened the hard righteous self like waves that smoothen the hard surface of the rocks on the shore.  I am washed with tears in humility of my ignorance and innocence.

The one thing that interest me about life is to live out what is true for me.  I am not interested in teaching it, there are too many teachers in the world.

To live out what I really feel inside of me is my only interest and allowing that to be anchored to my daily life is my life purpose.  What else would be more fulfilling to me than that?  I haven’t found one and am definitely open to it…