Why are you not doing what you love?


Met up with an old friend last weekend.  She was very excited as she just received her certification in yoga.  She started to teach part time in her friend’s studio.  It’s a joy seeing her finally getting to do what she enjoys.

So often in life, we just hold on to what we wanted to do.  And we give excuses like:

Wait till I am rich…
Wait till I have this XXXX amount of money…
Wait till my kids are grown…
Wait till my wife approve of it…

There is really nothing wrong with holding off… I always believe that there is a time for everything.  However,  many people hold that dream far away, it seems to help them to stay anchored in this dream.  The ego feels safe thinking it has an unfulfilled dream that it needs to do whatever it is doing now to work towards it.

This is when death comes as a great teacher.  It takes out right into the core of who we are.  Given this amount of time that we think we have, what is it that is really important to us?  Do we still want to continue this way of life we are living, do we still want to sweat over this stuff that is bothering us, do we want to carry this emotional burden to our death beds?

Death and sickness allows us to take an honest inventory into our lives on earth.  And we start to make amendments in our lives and start anew NOW.  We never ever lose when death comes, birth always awaits on the other side.  Without the concept of death, would there be life?

I am NOW and now I AM.

Learning to be loved unconditionally or to love unconditionally?

I recently posted a poll for people in my facebook group to choose between wanting to be  loved unconditionally and wanting to love unconditionally.  What sparked me to do this is I have come across many courses and books out in the business world and what I noticed is that almost all the methodology implemented were on wanting to be perceived a certain way.  And that is also true for self-help books.  It’s also about learning what to do to get what we want from others.

And if I have to choose between learning to be loved unconditionally or to love unconditionally, my choice would be to learn to love unconditionally.  I find that that is the only sane choice for me.  With learning to be loved unconditionally, it sounded like there is something I can learn to do or act to make someone love me.  It sounded hopeless and too much work.  Everyone is different in their ways of showing their love.  If I have 10 friends, I would have to learn 10 different ways.  And I would have to wait for them to show me if what I am doing works.  Too much work!!!!  But if I can love unconditionally, I am already getting the joy that I want and if it is true that the outside is my projections, the more unconditionally that I can love someone and myself, I  would have to see that they are loving me unconditionally also.

And the best part is I can’t really know how that would look on the outside.  How exciting!