The greatest gift in this apparent loss

“If you move into situations of loss in a spirit of surrender to what is, all you experience is a profound sweetness and an excitement about what can come out of the apparent loss. You see that the worst loss you’ve experienced is the greatest gift you can have. ” — Byron Katie


As I read about the mass shooting of adults and over 20 young children in an elementary school in Connecticut, I thought about what gifts that was to this world.  The amount of hearts that this event will break open.  I have a thought that if I speak this outloud, I may be scorned upon as cruel and emotionless.

I remembered a few years back, a participant in my Singapore workshop came to work on her massive sadness with the passing of her dog. “He shouldn’t die” and when turnaround to “He should die”, she was shocked and was angry with that turnaround and had judgements about The Work at that time.  And a few months back when we got to catch up over tea, she told me that what got her through the sadness was to see the gift of his death, of how this apparent loss was the greatest gift she has ever had.  The gratitude she felt just changed her life and all she is left with is gratitude for what is.

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