The Work Workshop, September 14-15@Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I will be running a weekend workshop at The Violet Flame at Bangsar in mid September.

Here is the Flyer:

A Weekend to Tap into your Inner Freedom
using The Work of Byron Katie
by Sue Lee (Certified Facilitator for The Work)

“My partner doesn’t appreciate me.”
“The world is a dangerous place.”
“I need more money.”
“I’m too fat.”

Thoughts like these may run through our minds many times a day, fostering fear, anger, stress, and even depression. The Work of Byron Katie frees you from your limiting mental stories. You will be able to identify, uncover these stressful thoughts, to witness the working of your mind and to experience the transformation that The Work brings. This process works. It is radical, and life-changing. The Work is used by leading-edge business leaders, mental health practitioners, coaches, educators, and by millions of people around the world, as a way to move from confusion to clarity. Practicing this simple process of self-inquiry, people who have spent years dealing with stress, fear, anxiety, and depression experience a profound shift in consciousness, a deep sense of inner peace, and the ability to approach problems with a clear mind.

During this 2 days workshop, you will:
• Learn to identify and understand the working of your mind
• Learn to identify and witness the effects of concepts that are limiting you
• Experience for yourself how different thoughts affect your life
• Learn to think outside of the box, and do that for yourself
• Discover new possibilities and different perspectives
• Learn to overcome judgement and welcome it in your life
• Learn how to facilitate yourself and others using The Work
• Realize what is true for you, and take home a powerful tool that can help you live with clarity and integrity

Date : 14 (Sat) & 15 (Sun) Sept
Time : 9.00am-5.30pm
Cost : RM680
Closing Date : 7 Sept
Note : Lunch is not provided

For more information or to register, please click here.

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