Why We Do What We Do

A dear dear friend is torn between his job and his family. According to him, he took up the job because his parents thought that was the best job for him and they wanted him to work there. On the other hand, he didn’t like the job at all.

Sometimes in life, we do certain things to gain love, approval and appreciation (LAA) from people whom we love. We were so attached to gaining the LAA from them that we never asked the one that matter the most —— our dear self.

We could go on like that for a while and one day we just couldn’t take it anymore. We want a way out. And we think we need a very good reason to justify our actions. We start to blame them for making us do what we don’t like, we feel angry that they never care about what we like. That’s usually how the story goes.

Like Katie says, “Until we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, the world would be our enemy”.

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